Appreciate//Be love//Be here now

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Right now the hubs is headed to the airport to say goodbye to one of our friends who passed away over the weekend. We're devastated, sad, spooked and holding on to our little family so tight right now. Our hearts hurt for the woman who loved him and lost him. The idea of losing one another is unfathomable and too painful to imagine. So we will try again, like we try every day, to appreciate the gift of one another, this life and family we built together and each day we get to enjoy it, side by side.

I snapped these photos on a recent, family, neighborhood walk and as I look at them now, with grief in my heart and new eyes, I'm struck by the simple beauty of the world that I often neglect from day-to-day. I want to be here now and be the love that my family needs. My hope is the same for you. Tell your loved ones that you do. Tell them. Hug them. Don't let today pass without giving that one simple gift. Because life is a fragile, beautiful, fleeting thing. And the only thing that matters in this life is love. And those people who touch our hearts and make it better. 

Dedicated to Joel Magaziner. 
We love you, buddy.