How to throw a perfect kid party

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My friend throws the greatest parties. You may remember the last one, where dressing up in theme was encouraged, and nothing short of amazing family photos were a result. With Bo's party just two days away, and Stella's right around the corner from that, I thought I'd take a quick study break, and share some tips I've learned from my pro of a pal.

How to throw the most insane kid party ever: 
1. Pick a theme and go bold or go home. Everything from the castle bounce house, to the costumes she made (for everyone!), to the hand-built, foam swords available for kids and adults alike to enjoy - all coordinated perfectly.
2. Celebrate the guest of honor by adding personal touches. In this case, princess Mathilda, a fan of dress-up, purple and pink, inspired the theme, but mom took it to a whole other level by making her party a princess warrior theme - a nod to her daughter's strong spirit, and the origin of her name.
3. Make every {tiny} guest feel special. While the birthday girl stood out in her perfectly tailored princess hat and gown, every single guest in attendance was made to feel special by getting to choose (and keep!) their knight outfit for the day. The tasty food and and gift bags were no exception. Everything was made with thought, attention to detail and love.
Good luck on your next party! I'd love to hear any tips you have. I'll be sure to share the parties for my little ones here next.

Stella's dress - c/o Biscotti & Kate Mack
(On sale here!)
Stella's sparkle vest - Thrift