Baby Shower - Retro Sister Love

Thursday, October 10, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have caught a glimpse of the baby shower my sisters and I hosted for our gorgeous sister, Mandy and her baby boy on the way...
We decided to go with an all black and white theme, and let the mama of honor stand out in her signature, red color. Since I was in charge of decorations, I opted to make, instead of buy the decor (because even though I never have enough hours in the day, I still believe that there's something special about homemade) and found a super simple tutorial for tissue paper pom-poms that did the trick!
All the girls got involved, including our (not-so-little-anymore) baby niece. We had so much fun celebrating a boy on the way... There are A LOT of girls in this family, and everyone (including my hubs) is thrilled!
We also did it retro style, of course. Opting for red lips, polka dots, soft waves and pearls... which is a Dempsey girl signature! (Recognize my vintage dress I wore in Paris?) Mandy wore vintage too.
I printed a template for guests to fill out wishes for baby Dylan, (one of my favorite things given to my son at his baby shower) and captured a special moment of the dad-to-be filling out his hopes and dreams for his future son.
I'm so proud of my sis. She's come a long way and has been through so much. She had her first two girls when she was just a baby herself, and now she's finally getting her son. She reminded me how I threw her a baby shower for her first daughter, just the two of us, in a tiny Hollywood apartment, broke, with a homemade cake and a couple of balloons.
Every time I think about how far we've come, how lucky we are, and how much joy we have in our lives now... I feel so grateful.

Cheers to sisterhood, sons, family and friends... and having all your dreams come true! (PS Mandy's drinking sparkling juice, so don't get any crazy ideas!) I love you, sis! xx