East West Mamas Love Ace Commune

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Collaborating with fellow fab mamas, rocking the entrepreneurial spirit and still making things happen for themselves while rocking the ever-important (time consuming, exhausting, yet rewarding) title of "mom" really is the best thing I do on November Grey. And today I'm going to give props to two of my favorites.

Miss Carly (above) from Thirty Something Fashion and I have been doing nearly one year of collaborations together (see all here) and it's been a blast. She has two little boys, runs a blog, a styling and box service biz and still makes time for keeping friendships tight and marriage solid. Inspiration? Yes.

Then there's Fumika (below). We met when our two little girls fell instantly in love and became inseparable at daycare when they were just 15 months old. Can you imagine?! It's true.

We made a point to help assist their tiny friendship past daycare and into separate preschools, with play dates and meet-ups, and through that time, I realized what an amazing woman and friend Fumika is herself. She moved to LA from New York, but hails all the way from Japan and self-started one of the NEXT BIG NAMES in Jewelry design. (She was sought out as one of JewelMint's collective series and has many other BIG brands currently seeking a contract.) Check out Ace Commune. I know you will love it too.

{Extra long Dangle Earrings}

Want the chance to win something from Ace Commune for yourself? 
Head over to Thirty Something Fashion 
to enter to win a pair of earrings AND a necklace!

I'll be back next week, belly full of turkey and heart full of thanks, for the sisterly female friendship that feeds my soul. Hope yours is a good one too! xx