And then there's a moment.

Monday, December 2, 2013

H&M blouse (last worn here, avail here) Distressed denim Forever21, thrifted silver chain.

Happy Monday! Happy DECEMBER. Wow, this year is almost done. Can you believe it? I can't say that it FLEW by exactly... seeing as though I had my hands full these past eleven months with a fresh little one, a feisty four year old, and a brand new biz adventure as of late.
Life just goes on and on, doesn't it? The train keeps on moving, you just have to keep up. STAND up, GET back up… try to make a difference on some days, hang on for dear life on others.

Who knows how things will pan out. Who knows if that sacrifice, that hard-work, those days of dreaming and diligence will amount to much in the end… All I know is that I'm the kind of person who has to keep on trying. But man, it's not always easy. Am I right?

And then there's a moment.

You overhear your feisty four year old of a daughter say to her tiny friend "I won't keep a secret from my mommy, I can tell my mommy anything."
And then you realize… maybe you're doing something right after all. BECAUSE after all, those are the "rights" that matter - that's the train I chose to hop on. And this is the ride of my life. Hold on! It's almost 2014. (!!)