Happy Friday {Vintage head-to-toe}

Friday, January 10, 2014

OK, sans glasses and sneaks, the rest is all circa 1970's or earlier.

Remember when I mentioned I hit the yardsale of the century recently? This sweet woman was cleaning out a house full of her mother's 1950's gems, and her own duds from around the 1970's. (I scored so much great stuff!)

She pretty much insisted that I try on these dark green Levi's cords from her teen years. I was surprised when they fit (and didn't fall apart in the washing machine) and have to admit that the lure in them (and vintage clothing, in general) is all about nostalgia. Plus, fashion is so cyclical, that you can always find something rather modern in style, if you dig hard enough.

Let's get through this Friday and into the weekend, shall we?!

Corduroys - Vintage Levi's (similar here and here)
Shirt & Belt - Thrifted (similar shirt)
Denim Chucks 


  1. I love this look! The green pants are amazing and I love that this look is vintage, but also, in a way timeless! Oh, and if you don;t mind me asking, where did you get your glasses? They're awesome!

    1. Hi Ashlee,
      Thanks! And I've had the glasses for a few years... This post is about when I got them and links to site. I'm sure similar are avail somewhere!
      T xx


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