Get back up, dust yourself off... {even in white jeans}

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just moments after these pics were taken, I climbed into the car with the fam to attend a preschool function and my first attempt at a bake sale. I had spent all morning baking two different versions of sweet Stella's favorite banana bread muffins (one with chocolate chips, one without) and was pretty damn proud of myself that I once again, pulled it all off somehow. 

(Wait for it.)

Now, I have some pretty amazing friends who have spent a day with me in all my chaos and joke about my superhuman powers to flip the switch from mama & running a household, to starting a biz and making it all happen simultaneously. I am by no means saying I am superwoman, so many women do so much more, with so much less.  And do so without the help of a super supportive hubs like I have.

But I'm just gonna say it. It's not easy. So on days like this one, when I actually and seemingly have it all "together", with makeup on and my crisp white jeans to boot, reality has a way of slapping you in the face. With concrete. Literally.

I fell straight on my face, with muffins in hand, as I was climbing out of the car. Glass bowl shattered, muffins ruined, arm bleeding, face planted firmly on the ground where my feet should go. I wanted to cry and race back home and just hide until the day was over, but I had two little ones staring at me and waiting for me to be brave, to get back up, dust myself off, and try, try again. 

So I did. 

Days like this remind me to slow down. Okay, universe... I get it. (*shakes fist at sky*)

I'm still mad I ruined my jeans, though.