World's Smallest Daredevil - A Circus Themed Kids Party

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If you've never tried to dress a toddler, a feisty four year old, your tired self, and your husband as if you were all about to run off with the circus, then you've never truly lived.
Or so I'd like to believe... 

Kudos to this family, and the woman behind the velvet curtain for pulling it off like the master lady OZ that she is.

Just look at the decorations. BIG TOP, for sure.

It was all in celebration of this little daredevil and his 2nd birthday. The thing I love most about my friend and the elaborate birthday parties she throws, is that they are all based and rooted in motherly love and acknowledgment of her precious children as the individuals that they are. It's so obvious, you might miss it. So genius, you might not even realize...

That's the thing about real artists. They give their soul for their work. And if you're a mother, your child is your soul. Your heart and guts and insides personified into one tiny, little "daredevil" package to keep you on your toes.

Every detail was accounted for, including the guest of honor's favorite foods.

Every tiny person (and their parents!) had so much fun playing along...

Including myself... you know I love an excuse to dress up!Definitely one we'll remember for a lifetime. 

My Outfit
 Vintage Jacket & Shorts, Fishnet Stockings, Boots, Hat from Party City. 
Bodhi's Strong Man Outfit
I cut up a striped onsie and his sister's red leggings. I used a cotton headband as a belt.
Birthday Boy's Daredevil Costume
Homemade by mom