Red Balloons for Ryan

Monday, May 26, 2014

Blogging is funny. It's a strange and wonderful world we live in where the power and immediacy of social media can touch so many, so quickly. I've made some "blogging buddies" over the years. Some I even consider to be real friends, even though I've never actually met them in person. Which is strange if you think about it. But it's how I feel none-the-less. What is a friend anyway? Someone you connect with on a regular basis, someone who lifts your spirits, inspires your life, gives you recipes and outfit advice. Man, I feel honored that some of you even think of me that way... heading over to this little blog of mine that's been so neglected lately. (Sorry about that.)

With so little time, I've been getting my daily dose of social media "friendship" on instagram lately. Keeping up with all my favorite bloggers in one quick instant - what they're doing, (what they're wearing, baking, etc...) and recently something made my heart stop and hurt so hard that I can't stop weeping about it. And now I realize that the connection you feel to these cyber buddies also means you can feel their pain along with the joy... in one quick instant.

Jacqui from Baby Boy Bakery recently lost her three year old son, Ryan in a tragic accident. The last picture of him on her instagram feed was a shot of him running happily through Disneyland - on the last day he was alive. As I type I can't stop the tears from flowing and I can feel, so clearly the sharp pain of fear only a mother can experience. As I simultaneously try to listen out for my own kids on the deck, clean up the kitchen and do a million and one other things, I realize just how fleeting and fragile this life, this moment in time is.

I'm baking the muffins you posted on your blog, Jacqui - the last happy recipe while Ryan was with you. The first time I've ever tried baking with gluten-free flour... and they're not quite turning out the way I planned. Just the way life goes. My heart and thoughts and tears are with you and your family. Keep going, keep blogging, keep sharing your story along with us. If prayers and energy are real (and I believe they are) then you have an army of love surrounding you right now. Sending peace to you and red balloons for Ryan.