They Say You Can't Go Back

Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh, I've missed you. A cup of coffee in my hand, a silent, sleeping house, and my blank, open blog space ready to be filled up with words. Like returning to an old boyfriend you left behind... not because he was bad for you, but simply because you had outgrown him. You wanted to see and explore new things. But every once in a while you check in. A text. A quick call when life changing events happen; a wedding, a death, a birth, or maybe just because you remembered one day that he always treated you with kindness. And he helped you grow.

(photo Sechoir TV)

What am I talking about? An old boyfriend or a blog? Ha. Both, I suppose. Mostly the latter. It occurred to me after my year of hard work conceptualizing, creating, and managing my own business, full of so many things that inspire me: fashion, beauty, on-camera work interviewing women leading their own companies that inspire me so much, that there was one tiny thing that I missed... writing.

So, like a check-in text, or nostalgia, or simply because I remember just how much this blog meant to me, (and not to take anything away from my current flame) sometimes I will write.