I have a thing for red (dresses)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see a common pop of color that threads thoughout my feed. When advising friends and clients about their marketing and brand on Instagram, I always suggest a well thought-out color scheme, and a signature color. But the red just sort of "happened" for me.

So I went with it. I love me some red lips, and while I don't wear a lot of red tops, I just counted in my closet and I have a red jumpsuit, two red skirts and four red dresses in all different styles, in all different shades! So I guess it's safe to say that red is my signature color.

And I guess it has been for a while. I still have (slightly torturous) memories of my senior year in high school, when I sang a rendition of Trisha Yearwood's Walkaway Joe (side note, a super young, gorgeous, and unknown Matthew McConaughey plays the heartbreaker in this video), and I, big bangs and all attempted to sing my heart out in a handmade, satin, red dress to my peers to the same song with disastrous results. 

In my defense, our music teacher/piano player didn't quite know the song and we couldn't sync up with each other. It was painfully embarrassing but I suppose it built me some character, and the dress was great (thanks mom) so it wasn't a total wash. Also, my friends decided not to disown me, so that was good.

Perhaps I'm eternally looking for that perfect, red dress to make up for that moment in time. We'll leave that up to therapy, but just let me tell you about THIS dress. It was a FREAKING AMAZING score at Banana Republic on sale. When I say amazing, I'm talking under $25 bucks and I'll wear it for-EVS. Yes, it has pockets, no, it's no longer avail. But find some of my favorite red things below.

What is your signature color? 

Favorite red lipstick - Nars Heatwave
Favorite color-stay drugstore lipstick - Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick