When Inspiration Strikes

Friday, March 23, 2018

The craziest thing happened to me this morning. I had a dream last night about a friend who passed away about a year ago. It was vivid, and beautiful, and comforting. When I woke up I had a song in my head. Melody & lyrics came out of me, flowing fast at 5am. Inspiration like I have never felt before. 

I'm a writer, not a songwriter, but I suppose it's all poetry, right? Not sure if it's any good, but I'm FEELING good that my soul is awake enough to create and put on paper, what's inside of me. (And it felt a little bit like a hand from a friend... Thank you, Greg.) 

It's feeling like magic on this rainy day and I'm thinking about how souls can be connected, in this life and beyond, especially if it's done through love. No matter what you believe in, if even just the thought and the image from my dream could bring such inspiration, then that's connection. The spiritual, bigger, grander kind - on a much deeper level than we can even comprehend. 

Rainn Wilson said to Oprah in an interview "the making of art is no different than prayer..." 

And I believe it. 

Maybe someday it will all make sense. Until then, let's keep making our art. 

With love, 

T xx

*An addition to an original post I wrote on Facebook, 3-22-18