Nerdy Glasses

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I have been dying for nerdy glasses ever since I sat next to a very nice and extremely chic girl at one of my favorite wine bars, AOC last year. She embodied the perfect mix of sexy-funky-intellectual-cool that I spent more time ogling over her dark rimmed wayfarer's than the sexy bartender pouring the grapes. I know it's a cliche to say that glasses make a person look smarter, but damn-it if it ain't true. She was pretty in a way that could have been way too generic "California girl" but her giant, black rimmed glasses illuminating her heavily mascara'd, crystal blues, sliced any oversexed misconceptions of this chica right in half. They some how made her HOTTER.

Now that my favorite bartender has moved on to (I won't say better, but I will say bigger) things, and my nights of sipping and lounging have turned into the occasional afternoon out in Beverly Hills (hello mommyhood!) I've had the opportunity to rethink my idea of fabulous. But I still wanted the glasses. Lucky for me, my new hot spot is right smack across the street from one of the most beautiful eyeglass stores you will ever see. Luxuriator is the epitome of chic, fashion forward, absolutely divine eye wear. And Franco can get you the right frames for your face in one shot. Seriously. Te quiero, Franco.