Wardrobe/Closet Reconstruction

Friday, April 2, 2010

My mother, circa 1970's, most likely in an outfit she designed and made herself. She was always so shy in front of the camera. How in the world did she breed a daughter (and granddaughter, for that matter!) like me?

I'm waiting for my sister and nanny to get here (whoever comes first!) to begin my major wardrobe/closet reconstruction, and to actually practice what I preach. It's been a long time coming, and now with our pending move at the end of the month, from east side to west, (with a month of vacation and storage in between) I have the perfect excuse to make this happen once and for all. I must admit that I have had dreams, BIG DREAMS for my tiny closet for quite some time now, and although there have been efforts, it has never been finished to completion. I dare you all to start this challenge with me now. A woman's closet should be her sanctity, her joy, her artistic expression, waiting for the wear... and if it's a mess, I promise you, at least half the time, you will be too.

The main goal here is to streamline, minimize, organize and execute! I ran to the grocery store to pick up some veggies and begged the produce man (ok, I flirted a little) to give me some boxes. He refused at first but eventually gave in. I know I can purchase these, but it just seems stupid to me. There are perfectly good, used apple boxes at a store near you. And they will help you organize your categories! Anyway, this will be a month long process, of which I'll share with you every step of the way (with bits of other yummi-ness in between) and I swear on my dogs life (the dog I like least, of course) that I will show proof that it is possible to do this without the help of an overpaid stylist. Stay tuned...