Weekend Organization

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nothing is more stressful than moving. It's inevitably a major pain in the butt and always more of a process (AND A GIANT JOB) than you think (er, hope) it will be.

After a year away on the east side, we decided we just couldn't be away from the beach any longer. So my growing family and I moved our ever expanding crew back into our charming little bungalow by the beach.

But man, we're bursting at the seams. Some very clever organization has to take place. Three months in and we're still surrounded by boxes.

Enter IKEA. An incognito PAX Wardrobe in the place of a bookshelf in our living room will act as my wardrobe. (I make no apologies for my reverence to fashion and the importance of a streamlined wardrobe & the hubs understands - thus, a good marriage.)

I also have a very handy hubby and he built some shelves above the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. These Ikea boxes have saved us and when purchased in all one color and labeled neatly, make for a very zen space.

Dark wicker baskets holding all white bath towels, rolled and arranged neatly, give a very "day at the spa" feeling. (And leaves the hall closet available for shoes and purses!)

An antique nightstand works nicely in the bathroom to hold washcloths and toiletries, and keeps the vintage vibe I adore so much, alive and thriving in my home.

Organization just makes me happy. It makes me sleep and breathe better and I highly recommend getting your space to a place of coordinated bliss. Yes, you may have to sacrifice a weekend or two of fun, but get it done - you'll just feel better!