Created with Love

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I had so many ideas for my daughter's first birthday, that it was difficult to choose a theme.  I knew that we were going to hire a petting zoo, and I wanted everything to look organic and homemade.  Created with love.  So I started with her initials painted a messy white to give a shabby chic feel, and everything just sort of grew from there. 
I hung the letters of her name across invisible wire that also held Chinese lanterns.  (The ribbon holding her name was the same ribbon tied around her floral party dress!)
I added some touches of ribbon throughout the backyard...
And when I found this love letter font (download it here!) everything started to come together perfectly. 
 The petting zoo was a hit!
And a painted canvas with Martha Stewart animal cut-outs hanging from a tree, welcomed everyone to my baby's farm.
Signs directed children into the backyard, where their choice of furry animal masks were awaiting them in a fun haystack (I found for $1 thrift, that used to be a Jurassic Park gift box!)
 Another salvage find was a glassless picture frame, where I hung her painted initial with more invisible wire.
The cupcakes were handmade (with the brilliant direction of my friend over at The Chirpy Bird) and were in shapes of pigs, sheep and tiny coconut toasted lions. 
My darling girl chose a piglet, and this being her first time EVER having sugar, looked at me with a face full of such delightful yummy-ness, and unabashed pure joy, my heart nearly broke in two.

For my little girl, everything I do is for you.