From every pore, breathe...

Monday, August 9, 2010

The end of last week and throughout the weekend was a whirlwind of meetings, events, and late nights out with friends.  I'm not complaining, but by the time Sunday rolled around, I was beat.  And aside from being knocked off my feet exhausted, I was also feeling a bit unwell for the second Sunday in a row. Maybe this was my body's way of telling me to just slow it down.

Back when I was acting, I received the best bit of advice from a makeup artist. She said, once a week, let your skin breathe... Don't wear a stitch of makeup.  Nothing on your face other than moisturizer.  I've pretty much decided that Sunday is my day to do this.  It's heaven.  I've taken this one step further and resisted contact lenses, restricting clothes, even forgoing product in my hair.

It's freeing and amazing to just lounge your day away, au naturel... and to take a moment to give your entire body a day of peace.  To read, write, rest, and breathe... from every pore.

Hope you're all feeling recharged and ready for the week!