Thrift score: blue dress/gold purse

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The thing I love most about fashion these days, is it's sort of ~ anything goes. When inspired, and depending on my mood, I can usually pull together pieces from thrift, modern designers, and the trusty save faves to create the look and feel I desire.
Sure it's important to keep an eye on trends, but if something fits well & makes you feel good, I say go for it!
It's no surprise I love all things vintage & I'm constantly inspired by bloggers like Tavi and Roz who pull together these eclectic ensembles with such grace.
On my way to meet a girlfriend for drinks, I was feeling a bit feminine & flapper (a la American Woman) so I went with this gold F21 headband. The purse ~ excellent condition, exquisite beading detail (& I was able to talk the sales lady down from $20 to $9!)
This vintage blue and black dress was a redesign that I found on my latest thrift shop for $8. I adore the top, but am considering hacking off the skirt and wearing it with black jeans & boots this fall. Thoughts?
Since I decided to go East Coast style and walk to meet my friend for drinks, I went with ballet flats & my favorite tiny leather jacket.
Oh, and... ladies? Let's try not to take our selves so seriously, shall we? Have fun! xx