Beauty Trick: Hot Rollers=Hot Hair

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another hair trick I've been doing for some time now (nearly every day, honestly!) is hot rollers. They may seem a bit grandma to you, but I've found it's the easiest way to get bouncy and full waves in under 15 minutes flat.
I just don't have the patience to sit there with a curling iron. And if I shower at night, let my hair dry naturally, my morning routine goes a little something like this.
  1. Heat rollers
  2. Set rollers
  3. Get dressed
  4. Dash of makeup
  5. Remove rollers and run fingers through hair
  6. Bit of shine serum, spritz of hairspray, and I'm off!
The biggest tip I can give you about hot rollers is to use very few. And roll big, thick sections of your hair. You don't want little ringlets, you want big volume. Generally I roll about five to six sections, max.
  • One high on the head (this gives the most volume on top!)
  • Two on each side of your face, rolled forwards.
  • One on the back center of your head.
  • And the remaining lower pieces split into two.
Now I realize I do have a lot of hair. (Which isn't always easy. See previous post about chopping it!) But I don't want to hear any complaints about being unable to do this because your hair is shorter. I've been doing this just past "post bob" status, when my hair was nearly skimming my shoulders. Adjust the sections of hair to fewer rollers, and remember ~ ROLL BIG.
A little shaky-shake...
Some spray...
And we're done!
(Lipstick - Nars Heatwave)
I'm such a fan of rollers for volume, that I even pop a few in before I'll be wearing my hair straight for the day. Once I take them out, I run a flat iron quickly through and it gives an entirely different effect. Big volume on perfectly glossed straight hair.
Let me know if you try it!
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