Fake bob/Real shopping

Monday, October 18, 2010

I've been obsessing for some time now, over the thought of cutting my hair into a chic bob a la Natalie Portman in Closer. I did it once and I LOVED IT.
But to avoid the cliche that is "every new mom cuts her hair" ~ I will make little tucks here and there to give the illusion when I'm feeling especially into the look.
Bobby pins and my favorite vintage hat do the trick quite nicely. And in all honesty, I do like all of the options that come with having long hair... there's just something so damn bold, daring, and sexy about women with short hair. Wouldn't you agree?
This weekend was a bit on the chilly side here in L.A., which was perfect for pumpkin patches, baking at home, and snuggling with my little one...
And opportunities to pull out my favorite cozy gear, of course! This thrifted belt has become a major go-to piece, and I'm really glad I snagged this F21 flannel on the clearance racks last summer. I've worn it as a dress, shirt, and open cardi so far.
This big, cozy black grandpa sweater was also a thrift score and could have quite possibly been somebody's grandpa's favorite sweater. (Another reason I adore this kind of shopping ~ call me sentimental!)
If you're new to thrift store shopping, and my blog, I'll give a disclaimer right now that I am a strong believer in vintage and thrift. I truly believe that it's not only a necessity in this economy to be careful with your money, but vintage and thrift provides the opportunity to actually have a direct hand in helping the environment ~ something you can feel good about! (Imagine, shopping without guilt!)
So when you buy a designer piece or those deliciously expensive shoes (also a believer!) you know that it's a perfectly balanced wardrobe. And I'm telling you ~ more unique and interesting too!

Have a wonderful week, loves! xx

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