Retro, vintage, super girly find!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Apparently this is "Peach Week" because it's the second look in a row with such a random color.  But I just couldn't wait to show you the little score I found  recently at the Abbot Kinney Festival in the $5 bin.
I had it tailored to shorten the hem, and soften the shoulder pads. (Yes, those are softened!) I still wanted to keep a little structure because I think a strong shoulder is just so chic.
(And it helps to balance out a Latina booty, such as mine!)
I popped over to a friends house for dinner the other night, and not only caught the last remaining glimpse of sunlight, but a decorated out-of-use, front porch fountain that made me smile.
I was totally in love with the pockets in this little number and the tiny black polka dots. It felt so feminine that I couldn't resist a red lip, cat eye, and little lacy bow.
 And the shoes? Trusty Forever21 faves.
{Sigh} I'm such a sucker for retro, vintage, super girly finds. 
Check in tomorrow for a truly unbelievable makeup giveaway!! I'm not kidding.  It's good.