Grey Styling/Shoes!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

When it comes to shoes, I have a certain weak spot in my heart.  As seen herehere, here, and here

The truth is, as a struggling actress I was never able to afford really nice shoes, they were sort of always a fantasy.
I remember receiving the most gorgeous pair of boots as a gift once, and I nearly slept in them. They were so perfect and made all of my little vintage and thrift store selects look like gold.
That's the thing about good shoes; they're like the icing on the cake to a perfect (or even not-so-perfect!) outfit. 
So when helping one of my lovely ladies complete her wardrobe reconstruction by getting the perfect shoes, it was a fun day indeed.
We had a few tasks at hand, including getting some basics like classic black heels and black booties.
These black Sam Edelman slingback's (on R) were a gorgeous choice, but in the end we settled on the ruby red versions to give her shoe wardrobe a pop of color.
I tried them on too and couldn't believe how comfortable they were. Truly! And under $100 dollars. I may just get the black pair for myself!

A stop for lunch, some girl talk, and some fantastic choices later,  we have the beginnings of a to-die-for every day shoe wardrobe. (This beauty already has some gorgeous Louboutins in her closet!)
Happy hunting, loves! 

 My military inspired boots (also seen here) Zigishoho
Skirt and bracelets -  Vintage
Turtleneck - Saint Grace