Your favorite item

Monday, September 6, 2010

My daughter has recently taken to carrying this dress of mine around like a blanket, even sleeping with it at night. It truly is the most adorable thing ever, and I wonder why she chose this particular dress of mine to cling to. (Can't you just picture her little fingers clasped tightly to it, along side her favorite lion?)
With the last days of summer quickly disappearing like a warm dream... I thought I'd take this little boho number out for a spin one last time before it officially became hers.
A perfect opportunity to wear the boots I got in New York, that I've been staring at in my closet, just waiting for a slightly overcast day, and the clock to tick September.
(Boots ~ Zigi Soho )
(Bracelet ~ Vintage. Wooden Dog Tags ~ Husband's)
(Vintage hat, circa early nineties (Casual Corner!) I found for $2 thrift!)
(Sunglasses ~ here)
It also gave me the idea to do a "favorite things" post, enlisting some of the blogosphere's most fashionable ladies to share their "one favorite item" they reach for time and time again.

Maybe it will inspire us to start thinking long-term in our purchases... something we know will be timeless.
Mine may surprise you.

Stay tuned... but in the mean time... enjoy the last peek at what used to be one of my favorite dresses, and now belongs to my little lion.