Frugal and Fabulous

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stopped by my friends over the weekend and she was kind enough to snap a few shots of me in the pouring rain.

I was so excited to finally wear these pants I got on the clearance rack in the high heat last summer in NY.
I knew I'd wear them to death come chillier times.  (Shopping off season is the way to frugal & fabulous, girls!)

And although nothing can replace your favorite pair of jeans, sometimes it's fun to substitute them for something a little different, yet worn the same way.
Soon after these shots were taken, we got down to business cutting, sewing and redesigning some spectacular vintage finds that I can't wait to share with you.

Although it was quite cold (yes, even for LA!) and pouring rain, I'm glad we captured this moment because after all, it is the new year...
(Yes, I know it's classic me to be wearing the "old")

But the anticipation of all things "new"  feels pretty good these days...

Pants - Forever21
Jacket - Target
Sweater - Thrifted H&M