Favorite Jeans/Favorite Guy

Monday, November 8, 2010

Well, today is our two year wedding anniversary and I couldn't decide whether to post a myriad of photos of us french kissing (kidding) or a post about my favorite pair of jeans.
But then I realized, they're pretty much the same thing; finding the right guy and the right pair of jeans.
  • They don't constrict (You know those jeans that look hot, but make you feel oh-so-uncomfortable? Yeah, not the right ones)
  • The perfect jeans make you look and feel great simultaneously.
  • You literally could wear them all the time, with everything, going anywhere.
  • Once you have the right ones, they make all others pale in comparison.
  • Other jeans sit there lonely in your closet, when the right jeans enter your life.
  • They accentuate your best assets, and make any flaws seem to just disappear...
  •  They're classic, not trendy, and will last forever.
    And bonus! They work so well with bags like this! ~ My perfect anniversary gift from a man who knows style.  I love you, honey! Here's to sixty-two more!

    Jeans - Genetic Denim 
    (If you haven't tried this brand, you should. Soft as butter!)