For the love of Sisterhood

Monday, February 14, 2011

I know some people view Valentine's Day as a silly and commercialized holiday that forces the masses to spend money, give weak attempts at gifts, and make the unattached feel even lonelier. And to those I say... I feel you. I understand. But turn your head if you must...

Because I like this holiday.  I like celebrating love.

So all week I'll be sharing my most special loves with you.  Happy V-week. xx
As I've mentioned several times before, my sisters are my heart and soul. They inspire and encourage me more than any friend ever has. Well, because their love is unconditional. 
We've been through a whole hell of a lot together... so when something amazing happens to one of them... I can't wait to celebrate.
Over the weekend, little sis and I headed out to Abbot Kinney to toast her gig at the Grammy's.
She has this special kind of way of inspiring creativity...
 Wherever we go...
Whatever we do...
And in whatever we wear...
It's no surprise she's becoming one of the top artists in her industry.
And I couldn't be more proud.
Red thrifted mumu
Black F21 mini skirt
 H&M necklace