Calypso in Mexico (pronounced Meh-hee-Ko)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's funny that I mentioned I couldn't wait to wear this little Calypso tunic (featured in a story about designer Heidi Merrick here) because the morning I slipped it on (over saltwater hair, sleepy coffee cup in hand)...
I couldn't help but notice that directly across from our balcony view, was this building:
Realizing that the rest of the world (and designers of note) take inspiration from these beautiful people, creating beautiful treasures.
After sneaking off to do some market shopping (a thank you gift for my sis, a threaded gato for our monkey, and a belt I wish I had purchased for 50 pesos! ~ That's around $4, people. Shame.)
I enjoyed the rest of my coffee in the sand...
Until my beloved tunic became way too much fabric, and the heat beckoned me to slip into something a bit tinier and of the bikini persuasion.
Mmmmm..... Paradise.