Dinner at Mastro's

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One of my favorite, favorite places to dine is Mastro's. Seriously good food, atmosphere, service, and the most perfect dirty martinis. (I don't know how they do it - different bartender every time and they are perfection.)  Here's what I threw together because I had only 15 minutes to get ready!
This Express dress is a few years old but I still love the color and fit and decided to go with the color blocking trend and grabbed my favorite vintage red, woven clutch (an awesome birthday gift from an awesome sis) and paired it with my Vince Camuto Moma's.
My staple F21 golden jewels as of late... And quickly ran a straighter through my hair. (Can you tell I'm growing out my bangs? How painful is this process!? Argh!)
An awesome makeup trick I learned from one of my pro makeup artist bff's (Noa, if you don't know - my partner at SHS, and friend for over a decade who I met while I was acting) ~ Anyway, she taught me to line the inside of my lids on the upper lash as well as the lower, for a quick eye boost. When I have zero time to get ready, I line with jet black, swipe on a medium brown eyeshadow, curl and mascara lashes, concealer and done!

Then I try not to worry too much about it and concentrate on the martini. I mean, food.