Passion project... Secondhand Star!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm so excited to introduce my side project, my baby, and something that has been in the works for a while... it's a vintage redesign collaboration called Secondhand Star! 
Secondhand Star was born out of a shared love and passion with one of my best friends, Noa Bolozky (who you may remember seeing a few times here on November Grey) for turning vintage and secondhand clothing into modern, interesting and one of a kind pieces.  Together we have made a collection of killer dresses and pieces, as well as a blog (go here!) that documents how we do it all!

As you know, November Grey is an outlet for several creative musings, at which fashion often seems to dominate the list.  And that won't stop. You'll still get your daily dose of all things you've come to know and love here. 
But now there is another place to fill up on nothing but fashion, and thanks to my girl, Noa ~ another unique (fashion designer trained, killer seamstress skilled) point of view as well!
I really am thrilled, and I thank you guys so much for the support. 

For full story and details on these redesigned dresses - go here! 

Mad love and gratitude, 
T xx