Chain Gang Vintage Swap & Giveaway!

Monday, July 4, 2011

I'm happy to announce another vintage swap!  What is a Vintage Swap, you may ask? It's a community rising of fellow bloggers across the country, with a shared love of vintage fashion, who take turns wearing, styling and photographing a single item in their own special way, then pass it around for other fashionista's to do the same. Sorta like Sisterhood of the Traveling Thrift Item!
For me, it's the most exhilarating thing I've ever done in the blogging world because it marries not only fashion, but friendship. And it's just so exciting to see how other ladies rock their sense of killer fashion, different ways, with one item.

Enter: These Silk Dupioni Pants!
I have to admit something, being the second half of Secondhand Star, I already had a peek at how Noa rocked these gems, which was gorgeous, and easy and so much her style... (see how she did it here!) but that's the point about doing a swap like this - I saw things in a completely different direction... my inspiration: Glamour.
Soft curls, meets vintage pearls, pointy toes and a tucked-in silk shirt.
It's my personal pants version of a cocktail dress.
And cuffing the bottoms was a MUST, cuz let's get real, I'm probably the most petite of this here gang.
None the less, I was almost sad to see these babies go, because I'm certain I would have found at least a dozen other ways to wear them, but the anticipation of seeing what my fellow bloggers would do with them, had me shipping them off to this chain gang, with a smile.
And what's even better? You can have a chance to win these very pants and make them your own!

To be eligible for drawing: 
Head on over to Devon's blog (click here!) and see how!

And be sure to visit each of these blogs to get a full story on how each of my fellow blogging sisters wore them!

Devon from Devon Rachel
Noa from Secondhand Star

*If you're a blogger and would like to be a part of the next Vintage Swap (and the chain is only going to get bigger and better) please email me here at novembergreyonline{at}gmail{dot}com and let me know why we should pick you to be part of the gang.