Dressed way down... & a favorite tee

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is it too early to pull out my favorite Ghostbuster's tee? Is it too early to be dreaming of all things end-of-year, holiday goodness? Sometimes I just can't help myself. And while I'm enjoying this sunshiny bright, Cali summer weather... I can't help but look forward to the oncoming months - my most favorite time of the year.
PS - Apparently, it's not just me on this wavelength! I stopped into Bath & Body works yesterday to pick my monkey up a rubber ducky... (They have really durable ducks in very fun colors. She chose a hot-pink light up, to accompany her blue & green polka dot "daddy" duck.) And they were already displaying Halloween items! See Spook-tacular stuff here, and adorable duckies here!

PPS - They sell my all-time favorite lip balm/gloss that I posted about last winter here. It's amazing. Purchase it here!

Ghostbuster's tee - Vintage
Checkered shirt - Forever21
Jeans - Genetic