An old blue dress

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have had this blue dress in my closet for close to a decade. I remember when I got it... I had just made a little money as an actress and wanted to treat myself to something. For this sentimental reason, I could never let it go. But it was nothing but nostalgia, and it just felt too "dated" to ever wear again.
But I truly did love the color and fabric and the way it felt on my body (and in my head, for memories sake) so I took it to my favorite tailor and had her snip the hem.
It magically did the trick! It's a new piece now, but with the same old love!
Is there anything in your closet that could use a little revamp? 
(For inspirations on redesign - go here! )
(Tip: Adding in a studded belt and some black and silver bling never hurts an old dress!)