Corioliss Wand Curling Iron Review c/o Misikko!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hey ladies, have you ever wondered about those clamp-less curling iron wands and how the heck to even use them? Truth be told, I'm a die-hard fan of the ease of hot rollers, and hadn't used a curling iron in ages, let alone the scary clamp-less kind, so when Misikko offered to send me one to give it a whirl, I thought why not?
And what did I get in return? These gorgeous, bouncy, slightly retro waves! And the wand is truly easy to use! It comes with a glove for beginners, but I think you'll be just fine once you get the hang of how it works:

First, use thick sections. You can alternate with some smaller ones, as seen here, but the thicker the section, the more you'll achieve those "waves" instead of curls. Start the twist from root, in the center of the wand and wrap your hair around to the top, leaving a bit of the end undone.

Next, pull down the strand and let the wave fall loose. Give it a tug to pull the weight of it down.

Continue around the rest of your head, touching up loose ends as you go.

I especially love how it almost looks like a finger wave when finished!

 So happy with the results! I think I may have found my new go-to hairstyle!

Thanks, Misikko for a truly awesome curling ironIf you want to order one for yourself - it's on sale here. Now go get gorgeous, girls! xx