Beauty Trick: Hot Rollers=Hot Hair

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another hair trick I've been doing for some time now (nearly every day, honestly!) is hot rollers. They may seem a bit grandma to you, but I've found it's the easiest way to get bouncy and full waves in under 15 minutes flat.
I just don't have the patience to sit there with a curling iron. And if I shower at night, let my hair dry naturally, my morning routine goes a little something like this.
  1. Heat rollers
  2. Set rollers
  3. Get dressed
  4. Dash of makeup
  5. Remove rollers and run fingers through hair
  6. Bit of shine serum, spritz of hairspray, and I'm off!
The biggest tip I can give you about hot rollers is to use very few. And roll big, thick sections of your hair. You don't want little ringlets, you want big volume. Generally I roll about five to six sections, max.
  • One high on the head (this gives the most volume on top!)
  • Two on each side of your face, rolled forwards.
  • One on the back center of your head.
  • And the remaining lower pieces split into two.
Now I realize I do have a lot of hair. (Which isn't always easy. See previous post about chopping it!) But I don't want to hear any complaints about being unable to do this because your hair is shorter. I've been doing this just past "post bob" status, when my hair was nearly skimming my shoulders. Adjust the sections of hair to fewer rollers, and remember ~ ROLL BIG.
A little shaky-shake...
Some spray...
And we're done!
(Lipstick - Nars Heatwave)
I'm such a fan of rollers for volume, that I even pop a few in before I'll be wearing my hair straight for the day. Once I take them out, I run a flat iron quickly through and it gives an entirely different effect. Big volume on perfectly glossed straight hair.
Let me know if you try it!
Get my favorite hot rollers (Super affordable, from Target.) here!


  1. i find it so difficult to curl my own hair especially since the curl never holds. I always wanted to do rollers and now I just might have to finally try it!

    xoxo, jaz

  2. glamorama mama! i have fond emmories of my mom putting hot rollers in her hair before work every night {she is a nurse) and ever since then i love indulging in some hot roller waves of my own :) love, love, love this always!

    sylvie of silver lining

  3. Super cute hair..the rollers always burn my ears, lol...your hair looks fabulous with all the volume:)

    Read my Interview with Susan @ ModCloth♥

  4. Jasmine - hair holds the shape of curl when it is cooled off (not while hot) ~ that is why hot rollers always work for me. I leave them in until they are completely cool. That way the curl always stays.

    Syl! - My best memories of my own mother are watching her do her makeup in her little vanity, with hot rollers set in her hair. I wished and hoped I'd be that pretty some day.

    Collette - Use cotton balls to separate where it burns! PS - great interview!


  5. i agree! i bought hot rollers recently and cant live w/out them! i can fnially ditch my curling iron lol. your hair looks lovely

  6. i ALWAYS say i'm gonna buy a set - but i never do - OR borrow someone's - i have naturally curly hair - but could use a boost - i really need to try these

  7. Rollers always seem to get stuck in my hair...almost had to cut them out once. Not normal?

  8. First - love your printed top! 2nd - I can never get my hair to stay in the hot roller. Just too inept. You look so glam with those gorgeous waves!

    xx Vivian @

  9. so excited you found my blog! loving yours as well. if only my hair was as long as yours... one day, one day! so funny, buying hot rollers is on my to-do list and now i have perfect instructions! i'm becoming a follower :)

  10. Unfortunately I have really straight, heavy hair... I tried many times to make them curly but they don't last more than 30 minutes... :(
    You look great though!!!


  11. Eva - I prefer the rollers that have a smooth surface, as opposed to the textured ones. It should help this problem.

    Vivian - The key is rolling them tightly and securing when pressed tightly against head.

    Christina - thanks for becoming a follower - I swear by the rollers I listed, and you can have them shipped right to your house via Target. (They're not even paying me to say that!) haha :)

  12. And hi Vikki! See tip I gave to Jasmine above! xx

  13. Lovely! Sadly my rollers (along with half of my wardrobe, all my winter coats, etc.) are in a storage unit ten hours away. Otherwise I would absolutely be trying them out this weekend. I've never really used them even though I've had them for years. Lots of hair and super straight always made me think it was impossible.

  14. Love this tip! I have such fine hair that is always looks flat if I don't curl it. I love the idea of it curling itself while I do my makeup... I'll have to give it a try and leave the curling iron off for a while!

  15. It looks fabulous! Can't wait to try!


  16. love it! makes me wish i had long hair again!


    follow me? x

  17. You have amazing hair!!!
    I will try this, thanks for the tip.

  18. great tutorial! I haven't put in hot rollers in years but I just might have to. new follower:) xx


  19. When my hair was long, I always used hot rollers. It was my secret weapon!

  20. You look so amazing in those photos!! My hair is naturally curly and now that it's short I just enhance them with a small curling iron but when my hair was as long as yours, this was my go-to styling process!


  21. I've been meaning to do this for a while. My hairstylist told me that she folds a piece of paper towel over the hair sections before rolling them, to protect the hair from getting burned. I'm not good with this type of thing, so I've been avoiding it altogether. It looks so pretty though!


  22. wow! to let you know, i immediately googled hot rollers to check prices after reading this. i have really straight hair and can never get it to do anything- i tried braiding it yesterday but today i look like a mess! this is something new i will definitely look into. great photos! thanks for the comment, i really like your blog :D

  23. That is sooo cute!
    I adore the look afterwards, making it all "justsomethingIthrewtogetherbutitlooksperfect".
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  24. Your post has inspired me to break out my hot rollers tomorrow. :)

    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Will give it a try. I do have electrical rollers I bought a very long time ago. I do like your tip of rolling less and where. Will try that. Do you naturally have straihgt or curly hair? I have curly so does not always get all the frizz out. Lets see. will let you know.

  26. you are so pretty! i love that printed shirt! :) xxx

  27. Your so pretty and your hair is gorgeous! xx

  28. Gsoh - You are beautiful! I'll have to try this.. Love your outfit :)

    KF x

  29. OOh you have a gorgeous look!

    I have heated rollers that I never use but I think I'll get them out now...

    Blackberry Sherbet

  30. thanks so much for stopping by
    I love this post
    your hair looks amazing , everytime I try to curl my hair it always drops :(

    much love

  31. you look so stunning, thanks for the tutorial! the only time I used rollers was a disaster...perhaps I'll be more inclined to give them another try, except they will be hot rollers :)

    f ashioncont a gious

  32. your hair looks greattttt!!! i will learn from your post to do the same to mine! hope will work:)

  33. Oh gosh you make it seem so easy and it looks fabulous on you!!

  34. What a classic, BEAUTIFUL face you have missy!! I enjoyed stopping by your blog. :)

  35. LOVe this post, your hair looks gorgeous! x

  36. such a great idea! duh! hahaha, i'm a new follower, but i love this idea, hopefully it works with thin/fine hair, hehe.


  37. I'm a hot roller girl too and I just love the results. The curls are bouncier and healthier-feeling than when I used to use that scorching hot and tiny curling iron. I place my rollers in the same areas that you do ... only difference is that I roll the sides under, not forward -- will be experimenting tomorrow morning! :)

  38. Ahhh I want hot rollers!! Great tips!! :D

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog too :)

    Sadie xx


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