On The Marina - make it work!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I didn't get a full shot of what I wore, but spending time with my two loves at our favorite park on the Marina seemed to be a bit more important. Though the crazy wind nearly blew us out of there, (a bamboo tree fell over on our house last night!) we stayed long enough to have a few laughs.

I broke down my look for you, however,  a mission to make what I already have in my closet, work for my expanding frame.

1. Black leggings 2. Vintage floral dress 
3. Cropped black leather 4. Leopard flats


  1. "T" and mini "t". Love it, you guys are just darling!

  2. What sweet pics girlie! Love the leather w the sweet dress:)
    I am with you..trying to "wear what I already own" while I still can:)
    Finding maternity jeans for a reasonable price ( I hate spending major dough on maternity clothes) has been QUITE the challenge.
    Happy week to you..hope you are feeling well.


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