Vintage Florals & The Goddess Boutique

Thursday, November 18, 2010

When my beautiful sister comes to visit me, it's a mad dash to catch up on any moments we've missed with each other, plan our next creative plan of attack, and check out things and places that inspire us.
True, she only lives an hour away, but when one of our hectic lives offers a free day to spare - we just get so damn excited to hang out!
And I'm also a bit spoiled because she is a truly gifted makeup artist, turning any photo shoot ops into more girly fun time.
It's like we're little girls again playing dress up. Only with professional tools.
We knew just the place to head to when a friend recommended we check out the Goddess Boutique on Lincoln. 
And the moment we stepped in, we realized why...
It was a wonderland of jewels and gems, indie designer clothing, to-die-for accessories and boots like this (for around $20!!)
I can't wait to share more photos and finds from this darling little store.  Check back in tomorrow for a fabulous giveaway from my new favorite place to shop!
 Floral Dress, sunglasses & bracelet - Vintage
Boots - Aldo


  1. aw what a fun post! and i LOVE your hair!!

  2. How fun, I love my time with my sis too! You look gorgeous, your hair looks darker, I love it!

    Enter My First Jewelry Giveaway: A Snake Ring!

  3. Thanks, girls! Ya the hair is darker. I have an amazing stylist who just sort of does what he wants with my hair. Sometimes I'm surprised! But he said it was necessary for fall. Gotta love him! :)

  4. Beautiful eyes! :)
    Great look, well done ;)

  5. gorgeous dress and love those boots!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. Oh, love this dress with the scarf and boots. Your hair and eye make up looks great. So much fun to hang out with sisters isn't it? With kids I rarely have a spare day but we like to play dress up late at night in my bedroom after the kids go to sleep.

  7. Great pics ;)

  8. You look so gorgeous in these photos! I love that boho chic!


  9. looks like a super fun day :) and those boots for around $20 are cute cute. This post makes me with my best friend lived closer to me (she's 5 hours away) because we used to have day adventures all the time, and i miss those so much!


  10. you guys are so adorable, I love these photos. You're so lucky to have a sister.

  11. I am in LOVE with your look and these pictures are so lovely and beautiful, just like you!

    Liesl :)

  12. You both look amazing! And those boots are awesome!!


  13. I love a good vintage disco dress!

  14. pretty dress! and your hair is perfect!

  15. Gorgeous outfit. Love it paired with the boots too!
    xo tash

  16. Please tell me you got those moccasins!!!! You & your sister look so much alike. Two beauties! :)

  17. Look at the fun you two had! Yes your sister does great make up!
    You look fabulous!

    Looking forward to your new photos


  18. wow.. sounds like a great place. can't wait to see more!


  19. love your dress and boots. you look so pretty. its so great having a sister who can be a friend as well,
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  20. Looking fab-u-lous! I love that dress. Kudos to Lisa for those eyes!

  21. the dress is a stunner and nothing makes me happier than hearing about your sisterly adventures :) what a dynamic duo!
    sylvie of silver lining

  22. Oh that sounds so fun. I just love your dress and your hair looks so gorgeous!

  23. Thanks for popping by my blog. Love your look and will definitely be following. (PS - hope you got those boots, they're gorgeous).

  24. You look gorgeous as always! Your hair is just fab too :)


  25. I know exactly how you feel about hanging out with your sister -- it's the same for me. You look so gorgeous in these photos, doll -- I love your pretty, floaty dress!
    xo Josie

  26. You look breathtaking! I love what your sister did with your makeup/eyes....amazing!
    Just stumbled upon your blog...following.
    You are beautiful:)

  27. I love ALDO the boots are great and you look fabulous here!


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