Maternity look 22 weeks/dresses as shirts

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I got this dress for an event (worn here) and loved the color and pleats and open back, but the coolest part about it's versatility (for my current "condition" anyway) is the cinched waist that pulls up over the bump and makes a perfect maternity top.
I decided to layer with my most sentimental pearl necklaces (passed down by my Mother in Law & a recent gift from a friend) to "Coco" it up a bit. 
I also found these perfect cat-eyes (so much like the sold-out Victoria Beckham's that I could never in my right mind bring myself to purchase) for about a fifth of the price, via Mossimo for Target. (Get a similar, very cool Mossimo version here!)
I'm having a lot of fun getting to know this little guy inside my belly, who already feels so big and so different than his sister, who kicks like crazy when he hears music and loves the sound even better when I'm singing along too...
 ... kinda makes the whole "feeling large" state, so much more bearable. I'm making a MAN for God's sake! An entire human person dude. 
And I l already love him so much.
Even though the view to the ground is slowly getting obscured.
Dress - boutique on Main St, Chain flats - Gap, Sunglasses - Mossimo (similar)