Ox blood hat (+getting there...)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I love it when I find something via thrift that ends up being a major score piece, even if I don't know it at the time...
This vintage hat was found last winter and I only wore it a couple of times. (See here and here). Then come this season, burgundy, or ox-blood, as all the stylista's are calling it, is all the rage. Score, score.
These jeans, that are supposed to be fitted more like denim trousers, are usually pretty loose. They are the first pair of jeans I've been able to wear post pregnancy and they are currently very tight. I'm getting there. To say I'm getting seriously impatient would be a major understatement, but I have to remember that if I want to do this the healthy way, these things take time. (Ya, ya, ya...)
A little helpful line I've discovered is the new shapewear by Jockey, curated by Rachel Zoe. I'm wearing the Strappy Shapewear Tank under my fave button-up and it gives me some major tummy help. (Full review coming soon!)
If you're not into the thrift hunt, I totally get it. But some of my most beloved items have been scored this way. If you have the patience and the eye - you will get lucky too! Promise.

Hat - Vintage (similar at J Crew)
Jeans - French Connection (old, but similar )
Loafers - Stuart Weitzman Vintage (similar)
Jockey Shapewear available here!


  1. i love ur hat and shoes!! lovely outfit!

  2. First..LOVE the hat...who knew you were so ahead of the trend curve with that thrift find...great color for you too!

    I SO feel you on the slow and steady healthy way...I starved myself back to shape w Connor- but can't do that this time since I am breastfeeding..ravenously hungry and want to give little guy nutrients...SO, I have to watch calories and exercise and I am awfully impatient too. I am 8 pounds away from where I want to be and the scale is STUCK! ugh.

  3. T, u look incredible! :) And that hat is a major score! Love the shape of it! So cute!



  4. Adorable!


  5. You look great for just having had a baby. The jeans will become loose in no time. What a lovely hat. Oxblood is a gorgeous color.
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  6. FYI, you look gorgeous, radiant, spot on trend, and svelte. Keep up the healthy stuff, it shows, beautiful Mom!


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