Out the door, that blue dress again, oh, and weight watchers really works.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Out the door to the premier party for that music video I told you about here.  I can't get enough of this blue dress. It was originally gifted to a famous movie star (for real) but through the grace of fashion Gods it ended up in my closet by way of really nice friends.
I'm starting to feel so great in my skin again. Not that carrying a baby isn't one of the most incredible experiences the female body can endeavor... but man, getting back to my pre baby size just feels good. I gained 40 pounds in this pregnancy and set a goal to be back to my goal weight by this week. And although I'm just a few pounds shy of being on-the-nose, I'm feeling pretty darn proud of myself.
Can't wait to share pics from the the music video release party. Check back in tomorrow for full coverage and a link to the video! Have a fabulous week, friends! And remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to! xx