Boots, bangs, bob, stripes.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Out the door and trying to predict the weather these days has been quite a challenge. I'd never be one to wear flip flops in January (even if we are headed into high 70's some days) - it just doesn't seem right! Plus, the second the sun goes down, it's been dipping to the mid 30's on some nights ---- collllld!
These knee-high boots still feel winter appropriate, while the mini keeps me from overheating in the Cali sun.
Side note - I'm loving having shorter hair as it feels so light and free. I'm actually considering going shorter like Katie Holmes did when she first signed marital contracts with Tom... remember the cut here? So fabulous. Maybe the chopping of the hair is just an addictive thing, like getting tattoos. Two of my sisters have sleeves, guess I could end up bald. We shall see...