It's a good day already.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I took the past two weeks off of "dieting" (although Weight Watchers isn't really dieting) to just let my body rest and adjust and take the stress off of worrying about my post pregnancy body and losing the rest of the baby weight. After all, I have so many more important things to worry about. (Exhibit A above) 
So, it's a good day indeed when I jumped on the scale this morning, only to find that those last few pounds I had been worrying about... had simply melted away. I'm back. Mama's back!! And you were worth every bit of it, little guy. 

Try to go easy on yourselves today.

With Love,
T xx

PS - Sneak peek at a dress I'll be wearing tomorrow for a super cool collaboration with a fellow blogger friend. Stay tuned!


  1. I love that he has a natural mohawk! xxx

  2. you look really great Tanya! such an inspiration!

  3. Look at that HAIR!!! Haha. What a cutie. Speaking of baby weight...don't be so hard on yourself! I never got back with it after Max (he JUST turned 2)...mostly I blame my job and being a new Mom...then bam I was pregnant with Sadie. The good news is I joined a gym two days ago, and I've gone two days in a row... eventually. Trying to get there. I would like to be back to my wedding shape, but that may be unrealistic.


    1. Hi Tara - thanks so much! It's actually funny because I was being super hard on myself, then the second I stopped and just took it easy, I lost the rest of weight! I think that says a lot about how our bodies work in relation to stress, etc... and if I got pregnant right now I would cry!! xo

  4. OMG...he is DELICIOUS! I cannot stand it!
    I need to post Preston soon too..he has changed so much...thinking I will feature some christening shots coming up this weekend.

    Is that a mohawk...I can't deal!

    1. I swear I didn't do that mohawk! It's his natural hair! ha!


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