East West Mamas: A Collaboration of Style

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When I was approached by a fellow blogging buddy to start some collaborations for the new year, I was so excited. Truth is, the relationships and friendships I've built within the blogger community is my favorite thing about November Grey. Well, favorite thing next to discovering and styling new fashion. Combine those two elements and I'm thrilled! 

This is my girl, Carly. She is fabulous. Her blog, Thirty Something Fashion is a must read. She's a "thirty something" fashionista living on the east coast, former NFL cheerleader (I know!), stylist who runs her own unique, personal shopping business (check out her services here) and mother of two adorable boys. She seems to do it all, all while looking incredible. I just adore Carly because every time I visit her site, I'm inspired. And it's funny how our lives, from east-to-west, are running so parallel sometimes. (Our baby boys were born just weeks apart!)

We decided for our first collaboration, it would be fun to show us wearing the same dress, each styled in our own way! Introducing... the Block Party Shift by London Times!

I loved this dress immediately because it felt very "mod" and very much within the vibe of my new haircut. So I threw on a vintage redesign military jacket that cost me about $1 and I was lovin' the look.
The booties I scored at DSW for a major steal and despite their Kardashian heights, are truly very comfortable. 
I love how each sleeve and side of this dress shows a different design... and it felt very sophisticated, like I should be headed to an art gallery or something. 
Beneath the military, it just looks like a killer color block skirt. I'm already dreaming up other ways to wear it. 

And now you must head over to Carly's blog to see how she styled it in her own way! Even better? She's going to give you a chance to win THIS VERY DRESS or the necklace she's wearing in her post! So hurry on over to enter!

Dress - c/o London Times
Booties - DSW (similar here)
Military Jacket - Vintage Redesign by Secondhand Star


  1. jadore this look..seriously want to run out and get a military jacket!!!
    Can't wait til next month....

  2. Love this idea of collaborations! And I love the way you styled this dress :)

    ♥, Nina

  3. I am really into this post for a number of reasons, which I will haphazardly throw together. I am inspired by you both because I think there is a real something missing in the 30+ blog market. I love reading blogs but sometimes, I can't relate to a 18 year old students vision, though many times I can. As a recent 30 year old, I want to explore and network with a blogging community generally but also one which is close to my age and likely my experience. The type of collaboration in this post, is really awesome!

  4. What a fabulous dress! Just entered the giveaway over at ThirtySomething Fashion. Happy to have discovered your blog! You wear this dress so well.

    Cable Car Couture

  5. What a fun idea, Carly is one of my favourite reads. The dress is fabulous and I love the 60s feel you bring to it.

  6. Great idea! I love the dress and you each definitely put your own spin on it.


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