A super sexy outfit for the hubs

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Well, we are finally moved into our new house (hooray!), which is exciting but stressful, to say the least... so this outfit is pretty much what I have been living in for the past several days... Just different variations of unpacked T-shirts and underthings. These jeans are my current fave and the light leather is easy to throw on but doesn't feel sloppy.
{You may remember the almost identical version I sported here on the day I chopped off all my hair.}
Choosing to wear the hubs' Yankees cap, however, brought the sexiness (in his eyes) to a whole new level. He couldn't keep his hands off me this day.
Just goes to show you, ladies... we do usually dress for each other. Chances are, your man prefers you like this. 
Have a happy day!

Tee - Old Navy - get it here.
{I have it in white, gray and black and even gifted some to my sister and friend for xmas. They are the BEST tees because they are vintage soft, so inexpensive and work with everything. You will wear the heck out of them.}


  1. I definitely do not look this pulled together when I move! Kudos! Love those boots!

  2. Love the outfit. You look great and comfy. I'm definitely a jeans and t-shirt gal.



  3. I OWN the T's and confess that I buy them in black, white and grey in BOTH a medium and large of each color..crazy right? I wear the larges when I am wearing skinnies and want that slouchy T feel and wear the medium when I am wearing boyfriends and want that more fitted look... It is just so hard to find great tshirts...
    Anyway..I can't wait to see the new house..CONGRATS...very exciting time:)
    Pics please once you are settled.
    We need to chat collab for Feb too!!!


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