Pleather leggings

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Leather pants are neither cheap, nor easy to wear, but I absolutely love the sleekness, don't you? There are a few ways to go about achieving this look:

A) Buy actual leather, spend a pretty penny and be sure they fit perfectly, or they will look all wrong.
B) Try the coated denim trend. They will fit like jeans and look a lot like leather.
C) Give faux leather/pleather leggings a shot!
Which is what I did! Luckily, the amazing folks over at Flat84 were kind enough to gift me a pair from See You Monday to try out! They are super affordable and super easy to wear. Just think - "amped-up" leggings.
I decided to give my new pants a test run with a worn in T-shirt, some interesting baubles, and my sexiest heels.
Which felt surprisingly effortless... surprisingly comfy. Casual, "bumped up" a notch. Already dreaming up other ways to rock them.
Hope you're smiling today! xx

Pleather Leggings - Flat84
Tee - Old Navy
Heels - Zara
Earrings & Necklace - JewelMint
Bracelet - Ace Commune
(Check back in tomorrow for an Ace Commune jewelry giveaway!)


  1. Very nice bracelet and your shoes. Great day.

    1. You will have the chance to win the bracelet from Ace Commune! Stay tuned! xx

  2. Such a rad look, T! Love those red heels!

  3. Your red sandals are stunning!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  4. that necklace is such a great statement, the shoes are chic too!

  5. How did I miss this post..LOVE the leggings..they look amazing on you..and those becoming a fav...


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