Skinny Trick ~ Plain Greek yogurt & honey { +agave rocks!}

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Did you know that yogurt is one of those deceptively healthy snacks? So many of us check the fat content, but neglect to consider the sugar in most yogurts. Especially the flavored ones. This was brought to my attention by my father in law recently when he was out visiting. He reminded me to take a look at how many grams of sugar was in that deliciously "healthy", organic, mango yogurt I was devouring. And even worse, the strawberry yogurt I was putting into my daughter's lunch box every day. Holy cow. I've been so caught up with making sure everything is organic, low-fat... that I neglected the obvious. Sugar! The solution? A drizzle of honey in plain, non-fat yogurt and it's just as delicious. Agave syrup works just as well. I've also been using agave in my coffee every morning. No weird taste, just yummy coffee! Do you have any "skinny" or healthy tricks? I'd love to try!