Love pad locks, missing Picasso and art shaping who we are...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This was the only piece I got to admire from my beloved Picasso...  Musee National Picasso Paris was sadly closed that day for renovations. Although, I can't be too upset, getting to stay just steps away from where Picasso once lived and painted. By the way, this piece? Oh, just hanging out in an unassuming gallery window... we stumbled upon it as we were walking to Museum d'Orsay.

I have a fondness for rhinos and penguins and loved that this guy was there to greet us as we arrived to the museum. I got some pretty nice shots of my new friend, one of which will end up framed in my little guys room.

Unlike the Louvre, no photography was allowed inside the museum, which was actually quite nice. It felt less touristy and more focused on the art... allowing a reverence for the pieces and quiet contemplation for those admiring the displayed.

Arriving to this clock tower was spectacular and unexpected and I was happy to have my trusty Nikon on me in the one area they allowed photography. The view was breathtaking and dream-like and this photo does it zero justice.

Have you heard of love pad locks at Lovers Bridge? Located near the Louvre, the Pont des Arts bridge overlooks the River Seine and has become a famous spot for couples all over the world to come and "lock" their love together forever. You write your names, lock it on the bridge and throw your key into the river.

Of course we had to do it. Someday we'll come back and show our children how much mommy and daddy love each other. (And how much we love them too!)

See why Paris is the city for lovers?

With Love, 

T xx