#sisters #filters #hats #monsters... what am I talking about again?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I got this hat for my sister in Paris and it was a big mistake. BIG. Totally should have been selfish and kept it for myself. (OK, OK, she did watch my children and keep them alive and healthy and happy while I was gone. But still... le sigh.) At least she's nice enough to let me pretend it's mine during random Instagram photo shoots. We have way too much fun with filters and apps and such. Man, do we even need real cameras anymore? I know, I know, Apple and iPhones are taking over the world, and now they have my fingerprints on file somewhere in an undisclosed location. Good thing I'm not a criminal. The worst they can dig up on me is those underwear photos from my cheesy B-movie days.

Did you guys enjoy your long weekend?

I just realized this post is about absolutely nothing. Well, except how much I love this hat my sister and how I used to run from monsters in my skivvies. On camera. Yes, you can dig that up somewhere if you're really bored. Just don't judge.

(Found you this hat that's not too expensive... especially considering the money you'll save on plane tickets.)