Victoria Beckham for Target - What I really, really want...

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Guys, for real - you can't deny the sleek, chic, refined, yet slightly quirky amazingness of Victoria Beckham. She's done a line for Target and it debuts TODAY!

Here's what I want:

I mean... you know this baby is going to last a long time in your closet. And yes, it's' for Target, so the fabrics won't be quite as nice as the higher-end line, but this cut! You know it will be divine. 

Hi, hello. Have we met? Remember my obsession with vintage? It's still there, and this is so good.

I really, really hope these work because after my major closet-cleanout, one of the items I'm in dire need of is a classic black trouser. Or maybe I'll just get them in pink. Cuz... amazing!

This entire outfit. Does is get any more spring that gingham and peplum mixed together?! Give it to me now, please. Thanks! 

I mean... this looks like the most classic thing in the world, right? Yes, right! Except it has little bunnies on the collar. Little bunnies, you guys. I can't. 

There are so many more, and I haven't even touched the little girl stuff yet. Some super cute matching items that I may just have to grab for myself and my little Stella. 

Have to run! The store opens in a few and I'm going to be there!