Spring Bedroom Redecorating

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I've been wanting to update our bedroom for sometime now. We have a gorgeous winter duvet set that (let's face it) only gets a solid three months out of chilly weather use in Los Angeles. So I needed something light and airy for spring. I found this bedding via West Elm and fell in love.

The pattern is reminiscent of art deco days and old Hollywood. Sure, it took some convincing to get the hubs on board (but what doesn't? In fact, our biggest marital disagreements fights have all been about interior design. I'm not kidding. But back to bedding...)

I wasn't sure how to mix it up until I was browsing through a fashion magazine and left these two pages open on the bed. Bingo. Pink!

Bedding - West Elm duvet
Pillows - John Robshaw
Pink Velvet Throw Pillow - World Market
Faux Fur blanket - HD Buttercup 
Wall art - Feather Juju Tribal hat 

*Side note - a few years ago I did a silver nightstand makeover, and it's gotten very popular on Pinterest. See the original post here!

I think my room is still a work in progress, and I'll keep layering and playing until I get things just right. Comfort (a luxury mattress is key, visit Leesa Mattresses) and style are the two most important elements. Well, including the company as well. Because after all, moments spent in bed are some of the best. #amiright?

(Mother's Day Breakfast being shared by my pup and my baby girl.)

Have a beautiful day!