When all else fails...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Take a deep breath and start again.

When transitioning from my old company, Séchoir into rebranding and starting over again here at November Grey, I realized that I was going to need some (deep breaths) new content, fresh starts, website makeovers, carefully curated photos and videos, while still paying homage to the years of work (blood, sweat, and tears) I put into my old company.
So much has happened. Mostly tremendous growth - both professionally and personally. I look back now at all that was accomplished along side some pretty talented people, and I feel grateful for the journey. All of it. The good and the (freaking) hard.

What I'm soaking in now is that feeling... you know the one? Where you're on the verge of something great, brand-spanking new - fresh starts. Like moving into a new apartment, or cutting your hair, or finally organizing your closet and ridding your life of everything that no longer suits you.

That feeling.

That's the one.

Can't wait to share with you guys all that's on the agenda, and my new website (launching very soon)!

With love,

T xx

Photos by Steff Walk


A.L.C. silk blouse 
(I love these similar styles in high, mid, and low price points)

Motorcycle Jacket
(A good faux leather version from H&M + A real leather, broken-in version from Topshop)